Underlay material

We recommend that Timberwise underlay material is installed underneath the Timberwise parquet. This is to make sure that your floor is also adequately protected underneath.

The underlay material of a floating parquet floor must not be too thick or excessively flexible: the compression of the underlay material may not exceed 25% of the thickness of the material (2.4 tn/m2). By using Timberwise’s own underlay material you can ensure that your parquet is installed on appropriate underlay material. Timberwise underlay material functions as moisture barrier and impact-sound proofing.

Underlay material is placed so that the logo side is against the floor.

Underlay material technical specifications:

  • Material polyethylene foam with moisture barrier of 100 microns
  • Thickness = 2 mm
  • Width 1000mm, overlap 200mm
  • Roll size 15 m2

Download the technical specifications of underlay material here.

Emissions of formaldehyde and volatile organic compounds: EN-ISO 16000-9 Class A+