Stair noses

Timberwise Parketti Puulattia Wooden Floor Parquet Tammi Oak Coal

Massive oak or massive ash stair noses

Timberwise accessories includes also the massive oak and ash stair noses colored to the same colors than its parquets. Thanks to the stair noses the stairs can be covered with same material and color than the parquet floor. With the stairs and parquet floor being same material and color makes the interior harmonized and uniform.

Massive stair noses are available in 3 different profiles and can be ordered colored to any of our parquet colors. Stair noses can be ordered with either WiseLoc connection or with traditional T&G glue connection (remember to confirm connection system when ordering). Stair noses delivery time approx. 3 – 6 weeks from written order depending on the amount. Products are always treated as close to the floor colour as possible, but the natural colour variation is allowed. Samples and pictures are only a reference.