Installation and maintenance

On this page, we have compiled Quick Links to both the installation and care instructions for our parquet floors, which will ensure that your floor is installed correctly and in accordance with the warranty. At the same time, you keep your parquet beautiful year after year. Please also remember to read the Before installation section of our installation instructions, and pay attention to the relative humidity of the room air when you live with a wooden floor. 

Installation instructions for WiseLoc parquet flooring

If you have chosen WiseLoc parquet flooring for your home, this guide will ensure that the installation goes smoothly and the end result is durable and beautiful.

Read the installation instructions

Installation instructions for glued parquet and gluing to the substrate

Read our tips for successful installation and care of glue-down parquet.

Read the installation instructions

Treatment of oil-waxed surfaces

Oil-waxed parquet gives the room a warm and natural look. Read our maintenance guide on how to keep your oil-waxed floor beautiful year after year.

Read the care instructions

Treatment of varnished surfaces

The surface of lacquered parquet is like silk. Maintaining and maintaining a lacquered parquet floor is easy and simple by following our care instructions. 

Read the care instructions

You still don’t know what kind of parquet would be the best for your home?

The floor is an investment that you feel under your feet every day. Therefore, choosing a suitable parquet floor is an important decision, and we want to support you throughout the selection process. Our ABC guide to parquet selection will help you find the perfect parquet floor for your home. We go through different types of wood, surface treatments and shades, so that you can make a decision about the floor in your home more easily and with more certainty.

Read the ABC of Parquet selection