T-lists and bevel cover strips

Timberwise Parketti Puulattia Wooden Floor Parquet Tammi Oak Coal

Timberwise can offer also the T-lists and bevel cover strips in same color than the parquet. The lists are made from massive oak or ash and can be ordered in any of our parquet colour. This way the floor will have as uniform outlook as possible.

With T-lists the seams between different spaces become almost unnoticeable when they are same colour as the floor. T-list can be used also when the flooring material changes from parquet to some other material.

Products are always treated as close to the floor colour as possible, but the natural colour variation is allowed. Samples and pictures are only a reference.

T-lists are available with straight profile or with rounded profile and bevel cover strips are available with at two different heights 5 mm and 8 mm. Delivery time for T-lists and bevel cover strips is approx. 3-6 weeks from order depending on the amount.

T-list installation

The opening in which the T-list is to be fastened must be at least 20mm wide. Lists are always installed centrally in the opening and glued to the floor by the bottom surface of the ‘lips’ (with, e.g., Power Tac, Sikaflex, or another similar elastic adhesive). Place 10–12kg weights on top of the list. Observe the drying time provided by the adhesive manufacturer, and keep the weights on top of the list for the entire drying process. Do not walk on or near the list before the glue has dried in accordance with the instructions. The underlay must be very clean, and concrete floors must be treated with primer before mounting the T-list.