A brushed and wax oiled parquet with a harmonic and fairly light tone. A long-term investment that stands the test of time and goes with many interior decoration styles.

Timberwise parketti puulattia wooden floor parquet Tammi Oak Nordic

Oak Nordic is splendidly light and natural, and is one of our most popular shades. Because it has a touch of white, Oak Nordic evokes the light shade of freshly-planed oak. This helps the floor retain its light look for longer.

Larch Nordic is an excellent option for natural and light-toned flooring. The Nordic shade for larch slightly lightens the overall look of the wood, attractively highlighting its natural variation in shading and grain pattern.

All types of wood can be damaged by excessively dry indoor air. If the relative humidity of the indoor air falls below the recommended level of 35 to 60%, cracks may appear in the floor. To prevent this, remember to monitor the humidity of the indoor air, especially during winter and other dry periods. Add moisture to the air if necessary, for example with a humidifier. Larch reacts most sensitively to dry indoor air, and hairline cracks or fissures may appear more quickly than with other woods. The optimal relative humidity level for wood, 35 to 60%, is also the optimal indoor humidity for humans.