A greyish transparent tone that allows the oak’s natural tone to show through. Suited for interiors of almost any colour and style.

Timberwise parketti puulattia wooden floor parquet Tammi Oak Grey

Oak Grey is available with both an oil-waxed and matte-lacquered finish. This grey has been highly popular for a long time, and is one of Timberwise’s best-selling shades. The grey translucent oil wax or varnish lets the natural look of the wood show through, but also suppresses the slightly yellowish hue that is natural to oak. If you don’t want a shade and style that suits almost any floor but does not have a yellowish hue, Oak Grey is your choice.

Package size (m2/pkg):

  • 150 x 2180 mm = 1,96 m2/pkg
  • 185 x 2180 mm = 2,42 m2/pkg
  • 230 x 2180 mm = 3,01 m2/pkg
  • 270 x 2500 mm = 2,70 m2/pkg

All types of wood can be damaged by excessively dry indoor air. If the relative humidity of the indoor air falls below the recommended level of 35 to 60%, cracks may appear in the floor. To prevent this, remember to monitor the humidity of the indoor air, especially during winter and other dry periods. Add moisture to the air if necessary, for example with a humidifier. Larch reacts most sensitively to dry indoor air, and hairline cracks or fissures may appear more quickly than with other woods. The optimal relative humidity level for wood, 35 to 60%, is also the optimal indoor humidity for humans.

We moved into our current detached house in 2017, and had a floor renovation done at the same time. We wanted Timberwise, as we knew the company was highly knowledgeable about materials and chemicals. In addition, Timberwise’s range of flooring and shades was to our liking. When we saw a sample from a broad fishbone range with wide skirting boards, we knew what we wanted. For the bedrooms we chose hard wax-oiled 230 mm Oak Grey single-board wooden flooring, and for our large library room, where we spend the most time at home, we chose 185 mm single-board wooden flooring with a herringbone pattern, and 230 mm passepartout for the edges. The floors are still as good as new. They haven’t been washed with detergents even once. For weekly cleaning, we use regular thick microfibre cloths and hot water. In addition to an adult couple, the family includes a small dog and a teenager, and even their manoeuvrings have left no marks on the floors. The floor of the library room has underfloor heating, which has not affected the floor in any visible way – there has been no buckling or any other movement. I have recommended Timberwise to everyone I know who is renovating their home, as this is a sturdy floor, not a thin, flimsy covering. Our floor was installed in December 2016. Our detached house has six residents, no pets. The floor was the builder’s recommendation, as it’s easy to install and is high-quality flooring. The service was really good. We also needed more steps made from the same material on a tight schedule, and Timberwise didn’t let us down. As with all wooden flooring, the colour has darkened somewhat over time, but the floor is still beautiful. We wanted wide floor boards, relatively light in tone. Timberwise has a great, extensive selection. As a family of four that really appreciate our quality flooring that lasts a lifetime, we warmly recommend Timberwise.

Maria Söderlund-Kroath, Espoo