Design floor – Kolmio

Designed by top designer Harri Koskinen, the Kolmio floor breaks traditional boundaries and takes wooden floor designs to a whole new level.

Note! Installation with glueing down to subfloor. Guarantee for design floors is valid  only when the installation is done by a professional and according to the instruction given by the supplier. Order installation instructions for design floor

“Love at first sight!”

We were looking for a TXT wall for our detached house, which was completed in 2020. I had fallen in love with this type of wall the moment I saw it in an interior design magazine. It was while browsing that we chanced upon the Kolmio design wooden flooring. In addition to Timberwise’s super-friendly customer service, we were won over by the uniqueness of the company’s products and their overall approach to design. The wooden flooring has seen heavy use throughout the autumn, as there are five people, a dog and a cat.

We can warmly recommend both products: the wall is an interesting element and brings warmth to the room, while the wooden flooring looks a little different from every angle and feels lovely underfoot.

Anna Hart, Tuusula