Nordic, Oak

“This was a worthwhile investment”

In 2017, as the flooring material for the detached house we chose Timberwise Oak Classic Nordic (15 x 185 x 2,180 brushed hard wax-oiled wooden flooring). We have lived in our home for well over three years now, and have been really happy with our choice. The shade turned out to be ideal for us, and the brushed surface is absolutely lovely to walk on.

Our family has two adults and two children, no pets. Some traces of life are visible on the floor, of course. There are a few scratches here and there, or dents caused by things being dropped. These are mostly in the children’s room. They blend in well with the living surface, though, and don’t really stand out at all. Cleaning the wooden flooring is really easy, and the colour we chose doesn’t highlight any dirt or stains.

We decided on this option because we fell in love with the beautiful shade of the flooring, and how its surface feels. When I first saw it after being installed, I remember thinking what a great investment we’d made. We would make the very same choice again. Visitors have also been very taken with our floor, especially with how comfortable it feels underfoot. I warmly recommend Timberwise to others!

Sini Liikala, Seinäjoki