Timberwise Design parquets bring top Finnish design to your home

Timberwise design parquets represent Finnish top design at its best. At the center of the patterned parquet collection are two of Finland’s most respected designers: Harri Koskinen and Joanna Laajisto.

Harri Koskinen – Kolmio and Viisto

Harri Koskinen is an important domestic designer whose handprint can be seen in Timberwise’s designer parquet collection. The Triangle and Viisto parquet patterns he designed were inspired by the surplus pieces of parquet production. When designing, Koskinen strove to create a pattern as intact as possible from the pieces of parquet, which would offer the user flexibility and the opportunity to create a unique whole. “From the beginning, I liked the idea that the material left over from floor production could be used as a beautiful and interesting whole. I think this ecological perspective in this collection is meaningful. I drew and thought about the pixelated world brought by the pieces. When designing, I try to create a pattern that is as intact as possible from the contours of the parquet pieces, which even gives a three-dimensional impression in places,” Koskinen says. The parquets designed by Koskinen offer versatile laying options and are suitable for both a modern city apartment and a more traditional space. In addition to the triangle, the pattern options of the Timberwise design parquet collection include e.g. Honeycomb, Circle, Hexagon and Argyle, all of which are based on the Kolmio pieces designed by Harri Koskinen. The Viisto model, on the other hand, can also be fitted with BlockChevron and ChevBone patterns. These versatile patterns bring interest and personality to the floor, while offering the opportunity to play with different laying styles.

Timberwise-lankkuparketti-wooden floor-parketti-design-parquet_final_viisto

Timberwise Oak, Viisto, Nordic, sanded, wax oiled

Joanna Laajisto – Punos

Punos design parquet designed by interior architect Joanna Laajisto combines functionality, quality and aesthetics. Laajisto, who is also known as the founder and creative director of Studio Joanna Laajisto, was a natural choice as Timberwise’s design partner. Previous experience with the company in the design of the Timberwise Showroom at Erottaja in Helsinki built a solid foundation for design cooperation. Laajisto’s vision was to create a classic parquet model that would suit a wide variety of interiors. “The idea for the design came from my client’s need. Customers are investing more and more in quality floors, and the growing demand made them take action and create a new design parquet. The focus of the design was to create a classic model that works equally well in a 1960s terraced house as well as in an old Art Nouveau property in the center.” Laajisto specifies. Joanna also aimed to create a pattern that would be both easy to implement and environmentally friendly. In the design of Punos parquet, he skilfully utilized Timberwise’s long-term experience and know-how in the manufacture of high-quality flooring materials. That’s why the final sizing of the Punos pattern is precisely tailored to fit the width of the Timberwise parquet plank, ensuring its seamless compatibility with any space.

Design floor Punos by Joanna Laajisto – Oak Design grade Luosto

Design parquet is a timeless and high-quality choice

Timberwise designer parquets combine high-quality domestic craftsmanship and modern design. Parquet’s beautiful appearance, ease of maintenance and ecology make it an ideal choice for both homes and public spaces. Each product is made in Loimaa, the company’s own factory, using certified and ethically and ecologically grown wood. The end result is quality that is felt step by step – from generation to generation.


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