The situation between Ukraine and Russia is also affecting Timberwise’s operations

The shocking and heartbreaking situation between Ukraine and Russia is also affecting Timberwise’s operations.

Responsibility and ethical issues have been very important to Timberwise since the company was founded, which is why we have decided to suspend commercial operations in Russia. We are shocked by the decision of the Russian leadership to invade Ukraine and condemn its hostilities.

Although Timberwise mainly procures raw materials from Finland and the rest of the EU, in general the current situation makes it even more difficult to get the raw materials in Europe.

Due to the reasons mentioned above, delivery times for some of our products are unfortunately still longer than normal. This is important to keep in mind in the coming weeks and months when planning schedules and placing orders. Price and delivery time for 270 mm wide products is provided on request, depending on the situation.

We monitor the development of the situation and inform about changes if necessary. Our thoughts are in the distress of the Ukrainians and we want to show our support for them with our decision.

For more information, please contact Anu Varis, Sustainability and Development Manager and Mikko Mannila, Executive Vice President.

In Loimaa, 4.3.2022

Timberwise Oy

Markku Mäkitalo
Managing director