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Underlay material

We recommend that Timberwise underlay material is installed underneath the Timberwise parquet. This is to make sure that your floor is also adequately protected underneath. Read More


A deep, dark and opaque brown, similar to the colour of walnut. The brushed surface of this attractive and timeless floor accentuates the wood grains… Read More


The Covering black, sumptuous and dramatic tone. The brushed surface brings out the wood’s grain pattern beautifully. Note! This tone must be glued in tongue… Read More

White Cream

A warm and creamy tone with a white hue. Suitable for classic interiors where a fresh and brightening touch is desired. Read More

White matt lacquered

One of the most traditional flooring treatments, which has been used for decades. The white matte lacquering allows the wood’s natural tone and pattern to… Read More

White wax oiled

A discreet and classic flooring. The wood’s natural tone appears slightly lighter than in nature. The UV-hardened wax oil treatment makes it durable and easy… Read More