Uncolored, oak

Timberwise Tammi Oak Classic Harjattu Brush Oljyvahattu Waxoil

“It’s easy to see and feel that this is real wood”

We visited the Timberwise showroom on Erottajankatu in Helsinki to learn about Timberwise’s products. The salespeople gave us a good presentation of the product and the product range. There was a huge number of colour options and treatments to choose from, and we were given sample pieces for making comparisons.

We wanted a glued wooden floor that was restful to the eye and timeless. Our eventual choice was untinted oak, and we couldn’t be happier! The walls of the log house are treated with translucent white, but the floor brings a special warmth. Natural oak is easy to combine with other oak details such as chair legs and oak doors. The stairs are also the same shade as the wooden flooring. Compared to the white floor slabs downstairs, the colour is also forgiving when it comes to dustiness.

The brushed and hard wax-oiled surface is soft and suitably rough to ensure enough friction to prevent the floor from being slippery. It’s easy to see and feel that it’s made of real wood. The fibres of the wood are beautiful. Each board is unique and there are almost no knots. Timberwise provides very good and knowledgeable service, and we also ordered the floor installation through them.

Hanne, Villa Fortuna / Tuusula Housing Fair 2020