Design floor – Tile pattern

Timberwise’s design wooden flooring are made in Finland, without generating environmentally harmful emissions, and can be used to create several different patterns. One possibility is the Tile pattern of joining the flooring boards side by side. In terms of size, our design wooden flooring boards are mainly multiples of themselves. For this reason, they can be laid in a wide range of ways, and many varieties of our single-board wooden flooring can be combined with patterned wooden flooring boards.

Note! Installation with glueing down to subfloor. Widhts 80 mm and 110 mm: Guarantee for design parquets is valid only when the installation is done by a professional and according to the instruction given by the supplier. Order installation instructions for design parquet

Timberwise Tammi Oak Tile Pattern 185x925mm Harjattu Brush Oljyvahattu Waxoil Vaaka