Design floor – Herringbone

Timberwise offers the traditional mosaic floors larger in size with more impressive outlook and easier to install. In the installation method of the Herringbone floor the rectangular parquet boards are placed in a so called zigzag pattern. The use of wider and longer boards than the traditional Herringbone boards makes the result particularly impressive and gives the Herringbone floor completely new outlook.

Note! Installation with glueing down to subfloor. Widhts 80 mm and 110 mm: Guarantee for design parquets is valid only when the installation is done by a professional and according to the instruction given by the supplier. Order installation instructions for design parquet

Saarni Ash Classic Herringbone Sand Waxoil Kitchen

Depending on the dimensions and species of wood, Herringbone wooden flooring is available in the following grades (that is, degrees of knottiness):

Oak Select, Classic and Vintage

Ash Select, Classic and Olive

Larch Natural

Information on the different tree species and grades (degrees of knottiness) is given here.