Even more Timberwise – next year, our production capacity will increase and we will introduce our much-requested in-stock selection.

We will launch an interesting new option, an in-stock selection for effortlessly implementing any planned changes. In the future, our stunning high-quality wooden floors will be available quickly so that you can act when you’re inspired.

Starting at the beginning of 2022, an even more competent and sizeable team will produce our premium Finnish wooden floor products. Our two production units will collaborate even more closely when the expertise of our personnel working in the Mikkeli factory will be combined with the competence of our personnel working in Loimaa and the Parla brand will cease to exist. This change allows Timberwise to expand its product range with a much-requested in-stock selection!

From the beginning of 2022, Timberwise Oy’s factory in Mikkeli will focus on manufacturing single-strip products. Thus, the production of two and three-strip products will cease at the end of 2021. In addition, our factory in Mikkeli will start manufacturing the products with a plywood structure instead of a middle layer structure. This means that the production in Mikkeli will continue under the Timberwise brand and the long-standing Parla brand will cease to exist.

Our new, impressive and always up-to-date in-stock selection will include 12 pre-customised Timberwise products – one product, one price. Our updated wooden floor selection will enable quick deliveries straight from our warehouse. The new Timberwise in-stock selection is coming soon!

Additional information: Mikko Mannila, +358 50 303 1553, mikko.mannila@timberwise.fi

Since its very beginning in 1999, Timberwise, a wooden floor manufacturer based in Loimaa, Finland, has focused on developing the production and quality of high-end wooden floors. The company manufactures high-quality single-plank wooden floors from oak, ash and larch. From base to surface, the Timberwise wooden floor is made of 100% wood. All wood used by Timberwise comes from PEFC and FSC certified forests. Timberwise wants to foster Finnish wood processing expertise. That’s why all our beautiful wooden floors will be made in Finland in the future, as well. We are currently investing in increasing our production capacity to ensure good availability and great results.