The World's Best Plank Wooden Floor Comes From Finland

Timberwise is the world’s best wooden floor. It is manufactured in Loimaa, Finland, from the highest quality raw material available. The result is a unique combination of Finnish expertise, style and safety. Quality that can be felt with every step – from one generation to the next.

10 Reasons to Choose Timberwise

The Best Wood

Timberwise wooden floors are made of high-quality European oak, ash, and larch as well as Finnish birch.

The best possible raw material is used in the manufacture of the Timberwise wooden floors. Finnish spruce, pine, and birch plywood is used in the base and middle layer structures. The oak, ash, and larch used in the surface materials come from Europe, and mainly from Central Europe. Our quality standards are strict. That’s why we select and acquire all our wood raw material ourselves. The wood enters our factory as rough plank, and its journey to becoming the world’s best single plank wooden floors begins with a careful sorting and quality inspection.

Amazing Appearance

In terms of its selection, Timberwise is not only the most diverse, but also the most beautiful in the world.

The wide plank-like look, light bevels on all sides, and the diverse colour and surface choices distinguish Timberwise from other parquets. Our wood species selection includes both hardwood and softwood choices. There are four different board widths for you to choose from. A nearly limitless number of colour choices ranging from natural to white and from medium-toned to ebony guarantee a suitable wooden floor for all interiors and uses – from minimalist to classic, from houses to flats, and from offices to restaurants. For those who value Finnish quality.

Made in Finland

Timberwise is a private family-owned company from Finland. Our products are manufactured in Loimaa, Southwest Finland.

Despite its name, Timberwise is a Finnish company. We’ve been manufacturing single-strip quality wooden floors since 1999, and employ approximately 30 professionals. As a company and employer, Timberwise is proud of and committed to Finnish wood processing expertise. Therefore, we invest actively in developing our personnel’s professional skills ad are proud of Finland’s unique expertise as a wood professional – now and in the future.

Clean and Safe Indoor Air

Our wooden floors are manufactured entirely without the use of formaldehyde-containing adhesives – as the first in the world.

The floor is one of the largest surfaces in the home. Therefore, it’s important that the wooden floors does not emit chemicals harmful to people, such as formaldehyde, into the indoor air. Formaldehyde is known to irritate the eyes and respiratory passages even in small quantities. It is also suspected to be connected to asthma and allergic symptoms. Timberwise is the first wooden floor manufacturer in the world to entirely give up the use of formaldehyde-containing adhesives in their products. We are also the only parquet manufacturer in Finland to have the Allergy Label of Finland’s Allergy and Asthma Federation.

Ecological and Ethical

We only use PEFC-certified wood from the EU area.

We here at Timberwise value biodiversity and follow the principles of sustainable development and ethical business behaviour. We do not use exotic or endangered wood species in our products, but our raw material comes from European PEFC and FSC-certified forests. Our products comply with all the EU directives and the most demanding emission and adhesive joint classes in the world. We also strive to utilize the waste and by-products created in our production. For instance, the sawdust produced as a by-product of sawing is used to heat our drying kilns. Part of our electricity is produced by our own solar panels.

Stable Structure

Our unique birch plywood 3-layer structure guarantees a significantly sturdier floor, which is also more even and durable.

Plywood products are normally considered to be 2-layer structures, but they do not have a counter balance veneer like in the Timberwise products. A counter balance veneer adds a 3rd layer to the product, which makes floating installation possible for the product and it stays stable. As a forerunner in the industry, Timberwise uses a 9 mm thick Finnish hardwood birch plywood panel as the middle layer structure, which is considerably more durable and stable than the generally used softwood plywood. The birch plywood that we use is even suitable for marine use, which allows the structure to withstand even challenging conditions. The hygroscopic changes in the structure are reduced, because the so-called mirroring effect which is typical to a strip middle layer does not exist in the case of a birch plywood middle layer. The surface of the floor remains even and no wave effect occurs.

Lasts and Lasts

The glued joints in the Timberwise wooden floors endure even the most extreme conditions.

As wood is a living material, its volume changes with changes in air humidity and temperature. Therefore, the glued joints of the parquet must endure even highly variable conditions. The glued joints of Timberwise parquets are regularly tested based on the JAS2 standard, which is the most demanding test in its field. During the test, the test specimens are immersed in boiling water for several hours. The glued joints of Timberwise products hold, and the surfaces do not delaminate. Therefore, our products are perfectly suited for countries where changes in temperature and air humidity vary seasonally.

A Wooden Floor is Judged by Its Surface

The diverse colour and surface treatments give Timberwise wooden floors character and durability.

Timberwise is the pioneer in surface and colour treatments. Even though we do not use endangered, naturally dark species of wood, we still offer our customers dark-toned flooring by tinting oak, ash and larch ethically and ecologically. The natural qualities of the wood species can also be accentuated with various surface treatments. The Timberwise parquets are delivered sanded or brushed, and finished with UV-hardened wax oils, lacquers or natural oils.

Easy to Install

The Timberwise wooden floor is the market’s easiest and quickest to install.

Timberwise parquets are available in two options: with WiseLoc locking tongue and groove, and with a traditional, glued tongue and groove. The WiseLoc locking tongue and groove flooring saves time and installation costs, as it can be installed alone. The end tongue and groove is pressed down, and, without bending the boards, it will automatically lock in place thanks to a spring structure. The traditional glued tongue and groove is recommended to be used in locations such as holiday houses, where the air humidity is 65–70 %, or where the finishing is done on location.

Suitable for Underfloor Heating

Our wooden floors can safely be installed on an underfloor heating system.

A wooden floor is comfortable and pleasant when installed on an underfloor heating system. The Timberwise parquets, with the exception of pine and larch, are ideal for use with underfloor heating. Our parquets are best in locations where the room temperature and air humidity are even (18–24°C / 35–60%) and the temperature does not vary more than 2°C. The underfloor heating should be evenly distributed over the whole floor area. Please follow our installation instructions to ensure the best possible result.