Rolling Stone

A light grey coloured opaque parquet with satin surface.

Note! This tone must be glued in tongue and groove from now on regardless of the installation method.

Timberwise Parketti Lankkuparketti Puulattia Wooden Floor Parquet Plank Tammi Oak Rollingstone 2D1

An opaque grey matte shade that makes it easy to combine different styles and interiors. It is reminiscent of an old painted board floor.

Due to the shade treatment, the boards must always be glued to each other. This also applies to locking tongue and groove products.

Package size (m2/pkg):

  • 150 x 2180 mm = 1,96 m2/pkg
  • 185 x 2180 mm = 2,42 m2/pkg
  • 230 x 2180 mm = 3,01 m2/pkg
  • 270 x 2500 mm = 2,70 m2/pkg

All types of wood can be damaged by excessively dry indoor air. If the relative humidity of the indoor air falls below the recommended level of 35 to 60%, cracks may appear in the floor. To prevent this, remember to monitor the humidity of the indoor air, especially during winter and other dry periods. Add moisture to the air if necessary, for example with a humidifier. Larch reacts most sensitively to dry indoor air, and hairline cracks or fissures may appear more quickly than with other woods. The optimal relative humidity level for wood, 35 to 60%, is also the optimal indoor humidity for humans.