Flooring trends in leisure living

Flooring trends for leisure living have become versatile and take into account both aesthetic and practical aspects even more. Nowadays, many people seek a cozy atmosphere and relaxation from their holiday home, which is also reflected in the choice of floor materials.

Douglas, Natural, 230mm, Cognac, brushed and wax oiled 

Flooring trends in leisure living

One significant trend is the combination of outdoor and indoor spaces. Large sliding doors and open spaces have become more common, and this creates a need for uniform floor solutions. For example, using similar flooring material both indoors and outdoors creates a seamless and continuous look, which emphasizes the unity of the spaces and creates a sense of space. The popularity of natural materials can also be seen in the flooring trends for leisure living. Wood, stone and concrete are still popular choices due to their durability and natural beauty. Light and neutral tones are especially popular, creating a calm and harmonious look for the holiday home. In a rising trend again, the floor material for leisure living is pine and birch parquet. In addition, emphasizing comfort and ease of maintenance is important in flooring trends for leisure living. Soft carpets and textiles are especially popular in living areas and bedrooms, offering warmth and comfort to bare feet. Easy-care and durable materials, on the other hand, facilitate the maintenance of the holiday home and keep it clean and comfortable when guests arrive. Caring for parquet floors is easy with the right tools and cleaning agents. We have gathered information about parquet installation and care here. Individuality and personality have also come to the fore in the floor trends for leisure living. Many people want a personal look for their holiday home by choosing unique and bold flooring solutions, such as mosaic tiles, patterned parquet or colorful floors. This brings personality and creativity to the space and makes it unique. You can also find personal solutions in Timberwise’s selections, for example with bold color choices or different desing parquet patterns. It’s worth checking out, for example, the following shades: Baby Blue, Old rose or Sunshine Yellow

Ethics and ecology

Ecological aspects are even more important in leisure living as well. Many prefer recycled or environmentally friendly materials, such as recycled wood or renewable natural materials. This reflects a growing concern for the environment and a sustainable lifestyle. Did you know that we at Timberwise only use traceable, ethically and ecologically grown wood in our products? We do not use exotic or endangered wood species at all. We save natural resources in all our activities and reuse or recycle the by-products and waste of our production. We prefer carbon dioxide-free and renewable energy sources and we also produce electricity with our own solar panels.

Timberwise Oak, Desert, brushed, wax oiled