Harri Koskinen, designer of Timberwise Design Parquet

“I enjoy what I do so much that tend to forget I’m at work.”

Timberwise got in touch with designer Harri Koskinen on an important mission. The company wanted to breathe new life into pieces of parquet left over from production – perfectly good material just too short for plank parquet. Koskinen was ready to jump to the challenge. In his design, shorter pieces became not only an advantage but the prerequisite for a stylish finish. The range of Timberwise Design Parquet was born.

At first, surplus pieces were used, which were a perfect match for their new purpose. And look what happened – customers received the fresh, classic range with open arms, and surplus pieces were no longer  enough to meet needs. Timberwise decided to invest in the new method by acquiring a CNC machining  centre. Now smaller pieces are manufactured specifically with the Design Parquet in mind.

What was your inspiration for the design parquet range?

Right from the start, the thought of surplus material from floor production receiving a new, beautiful life of  its own felt appealing. This ecological aspect is meaningful to me.

I began to sketch and reflect on the pixelated world the pieces brought along with them. I wanted to create  a harmonious pattern from the outlines of the pieces, at times even resulting in a three-dimensional  impression. The flooring can be laid in a number of different patterns – the options that are shown just  scratch the surface of the countless possibilities. Customers can create flooring according to their wishes  for a bespoke finish.

What types of homes does the design parquet suit?

It is right for anyone after high quality, durable flooring. In my view, its timeless quality makes it suitable  for homes from different periods – it will look just as good in a contemporary home or old stone house.

What sparks your ideas?

My best ideas stem from conversations, reflection and sketching. When taking on new work, careful preparation is extra important. I think about the classic qualities of the product and principles that go into manufacture that might stem from production requirements.

How do you nourish your creativity?

A curious mind is a source of creativity. I work for many different types of clients, each with their individual  needs and wishes. I apply ideas and thoughts diversely. Almost any situation can kindle a good idea.

I feel my work takes creativity as well as a logical mind. It is strongly established on an understanding of materials and the restrictions and potential involved in different production methods.

I enjoy what I do so much that I never feel I need leisure time just to counterbalance it. Likewise, I don’t feel I shouldn’t work long days. My office has a great three-member team, and we mainly stick to normal working hours, though. Problem-solving, ideation and sketching are so rewarding that I often forget I’m at work.

Text: Cozy

Photos: Mikko Ryhänen & Susanna Vento

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