Timberwise is the first wood floor manufacturer in the world to offer Antibacterial treatment for flooring

Safe, safer, safest Timberwise!

Timberwise is proud to announce that it will be able to offer its entire range of flooring products also with antibacterial treatment starting from October! Timberwise products have always been renowned for their safety, as the carefully selected materials do not release harmful emissions into indoor air, no added formaldehyde, and are the only wooden flooring manufacturer, which has received the Finnish Allergy label. The safety aspect is enhanced further by a specialorder fire retardant treatment, whereby products glued to a base have the Bfl-s1 rating, the highest possible fire class for wood surface materials. Timberwise is now the first wood floor manufacturer in the world to offer antibacterial treatment for its products for those who value and require it, meaning the wooden floors can be called the safest in the world!

As a responsible company, Timberwise has wanted to do its part for the current situation by developing even safer flooring for customers. As a result of this development, it is the first wood floor manufacturer in the world to be able to offer antibacterial treatment for products. The treatment offered for both Timberwise and Parla ranges is available by a special order for hard waxoiled and varnished products as a prefabricated, finished surface.

The products with antibacterial treatment have been tested at a research laboratory, which is specialized in antibacterial surfaces, in the United Kingdom. The natural properties of wood and high-quality finishes mean that Timberwise and Parla products already fight off bacteria. However, the additional anti-bacterial treatment ensures these properties will last. The antibacterial finish is highly resistant to bacteria; 99.8% of bacteria are eliminated from the surface of the floor in just two hours. The antibacterial surface technology used by Timberwise has already been provisionally and successfully tested against the coronaviruses, and these tests will continue.

Timberwise has decided to offer antibacterial treatment free of charge for products ordered in 2020. Timberwise wants to do its part in ensuring indoor spaces are as healthy as possible – making our lives safer.

Further information on antibacterial treatment:

Jari Pajala, Chief Operating Officer, jari.pajala@timberwise.fi, Tel. +358 (0)40 631 6236
Anu Varis, Plant Manager, Mikkeli (Parla products), anu.varis@timberwise.fi Tel. +358 (0)50 568 5959



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