Fire safety for construction and living – Timberwise products available in fireclass Bfl-s1

Products of Finnish wood floor manufacturer Timberwise are now also available in fire class Bfl-s1, the highest possible fire class for wooden construction materials!

The Construction Product Regulation (CPR 305/2011) is used in the flooring-covering sector throughout Europe and requires product to be assessed against one or more test standards specified in EN 14101. One such standard relates to reaction to fire testing. This is carried out in accordance with EN 13501-1, which provides the reaction to fire classification procedure for all construction products and buillding elements since 2002.

This European standard supersedes national standards for reaction to fire testing meaning every member country of the European Union is responsible for incorporating and adopting this classification standard in it´s country specific rules and regulations.

National fire classifications are therefore outdated with tests such as German B1, French no longer applicable. EN 13501-1 consist of four European reaction to fire test methods that can be applied to floor coverings. For wooden flooring, the two tests are EN ISO 11925-2 and EN ISO 9239-1. Commercial and contract application flooring products will be tested according to these methods, which need to be met to obtain, class Bfl or Cfl.

Parquet flooring and fire classes

Timberwise parquets have been tested according EN ISO 9239-1 and EN ISO 11925-2, reaction to fire tests for floorings. Fire class Bfl-s1 for flooring means that the product contributes in the fire to a very limited extent and smoke production is very limited.

The fire class for parquets is generally Dfl-s1. Already in 2016, Timberwise plywood products with special order fire retrdant received the fire class Cfl-s1 rating. F.ex the German B1 classification is fulfilled the European class Cfl. As fire class requirements have tightened especially in public premises all over the world, Timberwise has continued to develop products together with its surface treatment suppliers.

As a result of this development work, Timberwise is now able to offer products also in Euro class Bfl-s1– the highest fire class rating with wooden products.

Timberwise ready-to-install Bfl-s1 class products have extensive advantages in the construction of public spaces. Here is a comprehensive list of the benefits:

  • suitable for sites that require fire class Bfl-s1
  • after installation, products do not require extra treatment, additional quality assurance, work instructions or separate on-site approval by authorities
  • increased fire safety also for residential sites (e.g. apartment buildings) even if regulations do not require it as
  • also stair steps glued to the base with Timberwise ready-to-install Bfl-s1 products fulfil the Bfl-s1 requirement
  • when both the highest possible fire class for surfaces (Bfl-s1) and lowest emission class (JAS) is required, Timberwise is the wooden floor manufacturer that offers a ready solution without the need for separate treatment.
  • fire classifications apply to industrially fire-protected wood products. If fire protection is carried out as post-treatment on site, verifying the result becomes challenging, and applicable on-site treatment, work instructions and quality assurance require separate approval by authorities, who may also reject the treatment.
  • fire class Bfl-s1 is not a standard feature, but available upon separate order for varnished products. Installation by gluing to the base. To find out more about the Bfl-s1 fire class and possibilities, contact Timberwise to assist you in your project planning. You will find our contact details below.

Bfl-s1 fire classification (pdf)

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