No wood to waste – Twise Shop is now open

An online shop has now been opened for Twise products. In the shop, you will find design furniture and items made of Timberwise wooden floor materials, all by top designers.

The Twise product range is based on the idea of using excess materials from the production and installation of wooden flooring. Timberwise wooden floors have a unique, durable and stable birch plywood structure, which facilitates use of the material in furniture and utility items.

Timberwise began developing the idea together with Finnish top designers Harri Koskinen and Ville Kokkonen, who designed the first Twise furniture. The subsequent NexTwise Design Competition and the related cooperation with Tapio Anttila expanded the product range even further. So, seven innovative designers have now created products for the Twise Shop! Collaboration with designers will continue in the future and the Twise product family will expand further.

Twise products are the epitome of Finnish design and perfect matches for the Scandinavian interior design style. The starting point for the products is high-quality material combined with usability and timelessness. They highlight the characteristic appearance and structure of single plank wooden floors. All products are handmade in Finland and have been awarded the Design From Finland label indicating Finnish design.

In the second phase of the web shop, to be implemented over the summer, not only finished products, but also some products made by order from the customer’s own material, will become available. This means that customers can return Timberwise floor materials left over from installation to the factory. These are deducted from the price of the product and the material is used for manufacturing a unique design product to match the customer’s floor. Excess material receives a new lease of life as innovative products!

See here for the products available in Twise shop.

We ship orders only to Finland at the moment.


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