Locking tongue and groove or glued tongue and groove? – Find the right way to install wooden floors

Choosing the right installation method can be a headache, but you can avoid problems by going into detail.

Timberwise-lankkuparketti-wooden floor-parketti-parquet-lehtikuusi-larch-sävyttämätön
Lehtikuusi/Larch Natural Öljyvahattu/Wax Oiled

Almost all Timberwise wooden floors are available with a locking tongue and groove or glued tongue and groove. When ordering, you can choose the most suitable installation method for you. The locking tongue and groove product is by far our most popular version — little wonder, as it is very quick and easy to install. It is easy to install by sliding the boards together and pressing the tongues and grooves into place.

The locking tongue and groove product is ideal for rooms with stable humidity and temperature, where the sub-floor is evened out as instructed. It is also the perfect choice when a housing company’s regulations prohibit gluing of the floor, or the floor must be easy to dismantle at a later stage.

The other installation method is glued tongue and groove. When installing the product, adhesives are applied to the tongue and groove of the product. The advantage of gluing is a tight seam, which allows seamless installation in large spaces.

However, selecting a product with a locking tongue and groove does not exclude gluing, as it can also be glued either at the tongue and groove, or onto the underlay. When gluing to the underlay, it is important to note that adhesives must not be applied to the tongue and groove but only to the bottom of the boards.

Timberwise’s special width (270mm) products and design wooden floors, including herringbone floors, are always ‘glued tongue and groove’, and must be glued to the underlay.

When planning the installation, you must always familiarise yourself with the official installation instructions. Instructions can be found in every fourth package of wooden floor material and can be read electronically in advance. Installation instructions for locking tongue and groove products are available here, and for glued tongue and groove products here.



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