Five key points to a successful wooden floor installation

In order to achieve the best possible installation result, pay particular attention to five key points.

Oak Classic Glittertind


1. Levelness and humidity of the subfloor – the subfloor must always be checked carefully to ensure that it meets the requirements of official installation instructions. The wooden floor must not be used for compensating for the defects of the subfloor. The properties of your floor may be significantly impaired if a defective subfloor is used.

2. Appearance of the floor – the best and most balanced result can be achieved by installing the boards, which are made of real wood, so that the natural colour variation and the characteristics of wood are displayed in the completed floor in a way where the single board is a suitable choice to the next board.

3. Liability for defects – please bear in mind that when the floorboards have been installed, you have approved them. Do not install any boards in a place where they do not appear to be a seamless part of the whole. Such boards can be used elsewhere in the floor or the possible unsuitable part can be cut off and the remaining piece can used either as the first or the last board in the row.

4. Expansion joints – carefully follow the instructions that are given on expansion joints of official installation instructions. Floor size, installation direction, fixture placement, and suitable skirting boards – all of these bear great significance when you are planning the floor for life.

5. Correct maintenance and use extend the lifecycle of the floor – so familiarise yourself with the instructions concerning the maintenance and covering of the floor and the implementation of underfloor heating. Your wooden floor will be durable and stay beautiful when you follow the instructions.


Please read Timberwise’s official installation instructions carefully before installing the wooden floor. Find installation guide for WiseLoc product here and glue joint product here.

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