Only the best for a healthy home

Sometimes there’s more to choosing a floor than looks and longevity. It can be a matter of health.


An old 1920s apartment in a wooden building in Helsinki went through a complete overhaul. In this case, there was more to the renovation than choosing the right tones and pretty materials; health issues in Maria Saivosalmi’s family determined what went on. The whole family suffered from adverse health effects resulting from moisture problems, which set its own strict requirements on what type of flooring to choose. The family opted for Timberwise, which they knew would be emission-free. “Ensuring clean indoor air was the main criterion when we chose our flooring. Timberwise flooring contains no formaldehyde in adhesives or surface treatments, and nontoxicity was a top requirement for us. We also fell for the appearance of the wax oiled ash parquet.”

Adhesive-free finish

Family Saivosalmi did not want adhesives to be used in the installation at all, opting for a floating floor instead. In practice, this means that instead of gluing the boards to the underlay, they are attached together with tongue and groove, leaving the floor “floating” as it were. Living in an apartment building, the family wanted to add soundproofing under the floor. Under-floor heating was installed at the same time. “Flooring plays a huge role, as it forms such a large surface in a home. Under-floor heating sets its own limitations on what type of flooring to choose, as heat tends to release even more emissions into the air.”

Meticulous work becomes model example

The renovation was a success, and the family’s project has since been an inspiration for others who are refurbishing old wooden houses. “We examined materials on a large scale, investigating toxicity all the way down to wall and floor insulation. Adequate ventilation was another important factor for our renovation.” Life with the new floor ran smoothly. The pale looks felt pleasing to the eye and above all: the whole family felt well again. Since then, the family moved to Maria’s spouse’s native country Lithuania, and the floor is now making a new family happy.
“Choosing a product that is good in every way is important to me. Above all it has to be emission-free, but classic looks, durability and quality were other key features that came together in Timberwise flooring.”


It is a matter of importance to us that our flooring does not release anything harmful into indoor air. Our parquet contains no added formaldehyde – a well-known eye and respiratory tract irritant. Formaldehyde has also been linked to asthma and allergy symptoms – yet another reason to make sure it is not emitted into the air we breathe at home. We are proud to say that Timberwise was the first parquet manufacturer in the world to give up the use of formaldehyde-containing adhesives in its entire production. We are also the only parquet manufacturer to be awarded the Allergy Label of Finland’s Allergy and Asthma Federation.



Text: Cozy

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