Habitare 2019

Timberwise celebrated its 20th anniversary with the largest and most impressive stand of all time in the main event of the year at Habitare. The festive atmosphere was set amidst authentic wood surfaces and plants.

This year Timberwise made a special emphasis on the stunning anniversary section created by stylist/visualist Susanna Vento. The stand featured jubilee novelty wooden floors, top 20 products selected by interior designer Joanna Laajisto, and the yield of the NexTwise competition. The stand skillfully emphasized how versatile the flooring material can be. This year again domestic production of wooden floor was displayed at ten different stands. One of these stands was the Signals Trend Exhibition, where the boldest floor ideas are realized every year.

Unlike previous years, this year the range of products presented at the exhibition was more limited. Timberwise is well-known for its wide range of products, and this year we wanted it to be easily approachable on the fair. Interior designer Joanna Laajisto curated top 20 products to show on stand based on naturalness and timelessness.

Tapio Anttila’s novelty watches play with wood grain patterns

Timberwise introduced a new series of interior clocks designed by Tapio Anttila, the jury leader of the NexTwise competition. The series includes six playful interior clocks made from the left over wooden floor from Timberwise’s production. The first batch of signed, special-price watches was for sale at the Habitare stand. The Tapio Anttila clocks series was also an expected addition to the Timberwise’s Twise small item series. The clocks will go on sale to Vepsäläinen and in the future also to Timberwise’s Twise online store.

Innovative wooden floor products

During press conference for the media, the winners of the NexTwise spring design competition were announced including the BLOKKI headboard, POWERWISE extension cord and VIENO & KINGI furniture group. The new products have been well accepted by the public, and the next step is to complete the development of prototypes for sale. The Timberwise press conference was a success and the high attendance exceeded all expectations. Timberwise thanks everyone who attended the event!

Visitors got the opportunity to vote for their favorite NexTwise Design Winner, and after the vote, the BLOKKI headboard became the winner with just three votes ahead. The inventors of this idea were Marika Häkkinen and Joonas Huhta. Timberwise congratulates the winners of the public vote! A gift card from the Finnish Design Shop was raffled between all the voters, and this time the lottery was in favor of Tuula J, who was declared the winner. Timberwise has contacted Tuula personally.

Timberwise floors imposingly showcased at the Habitare Fair

Timberwise wooden floors were featured at many of the Habitare stands, with a total of over 600 square meters of Finnish quality wooden floor as the fair stand flooring. The stand floorings featured different wood qualities, typesetting and surface treatments. In addition to the Timberwise stand, the wooden floor can be found at Signals 6b2, Festivo 7c120, Kaj Franck Design Prize Exhibition 6h50, Hakola 6c10, Bo LKV 6g50, Lauritzon’s 6e11, Tulikivi 6d2, Adea 6d1 and Noora Svärd Art 3c31. Timberwise wooden floors are also featured at the new Habitarematerials section, where visitors can try and combine different types of surface materials.

Please find below the photos of the 2019 Habitare and press conference:



Photos: Timberwise, Mikko Ryhänen & Susanna Vento

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