‘A Sense Of Finland’ at London 2019 launch

Finland is the happiest country in the world, for a second year running. Our secret? The senses of Finland – our connection to nature. Experience it for yourself at this years 100% Design show, stand D25, during the London Design Festival. Our ordinary Finns will guide you through their products and what it is that makes them so happy. We want to share our connection to nature with you.

The theme of the Finland pavilion is called ‘A SENSE OF FINLAND’. Our visitors can experience the sounds, sights, touch, smell and taste of Finland in the middle of London this autumn. The Finnish house, designed by Tapio Anttila, is curated in collaboration with Finnish/English designer Hanna Laikola, founder of HEMLO, renowned Nordic brand Tapio Anttila Collection, and the long established eco log house company Polar Life Haus, each with a focus on sustainability, well-being and healthy living environments. Together, we can demonstrate beautifully how a house receives an interior and furniture a frame, the Nordic way.

“Having collaborated with Finnish designers and brands, these impressive products inspired my determination to showcase this remarkable talent from Finland.” says Hanna Laikola.

Find space to breathe in our spacious eco log house, where the walls vibrate with the magic and calm sounds of the forest created by our sound artist. The floor beneath your feet feels natural with only the best quality Finnish wood. Absorb yourself in the furniture, products and lighting inside it and realise why simple things make us happy. An age-old woodworking skill lays the foundation for practical furniture like you’ve never seen before and lighting which will captivate your calm.

Design in Finland surrounds you in everyday life – it’s timeless. If it works, you keep it. Try our products – they are more than just pretty objects. It is a way of living, a passion to solve everyday problems and make our life easier. And if that weren’t enough, you can taste our food to top off your visit to leave your senses content.

In Finland the people are few, yet the design scene is abundant, past and present. The very essence of Finnish design is to seamlessly immerse it into everyday life. Together, we are delighted to be at the forefront of ‘A Sense Of Finland’ in London this autumn.

‘A sense of Finland’ – This is how to fall in love with Finnish design.


Brands participating in ‘A SENSE OF FINLAND’ include:

SHOWROOM FINLAND (Lighting & Accessories) | MAGISSO (Product & Accessories)
KELOSOUND (Sound) | GRADO (Stair case)
GOF (Soft furnishings) | TIMBERWISE (flooring)


For further press information or to set up an interview, please contact Hanna Laikola at HEMLO M: +358 (0)44 980 2101 E:


Text: Hanna Laikola

Photos: Riika Wikberg

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