Timberwise is celebrating all year long!

The wooden floor product family expands – the 20-year-old company invests in new products and visions for the future.

Birch, oak, and larch look more beautiful than ever in the anniversary products! Everyone who loves quality flooring will love the freshness and innovation of our three new products. The selection has familiar flooring materials with a new twist. Birch parquet is making a glorious comeback with a timeless and nuanced appearance, the heart of which lies in the Finnish national landscape. The oak flooring is inspired by old wooden nails. Its vintage look has been created in a sustainable way by using all parts of the wood material. Larch is an all-time favourite in parquet selections, but this time, it has an unexpectedly impressive and wider appearance.

Timberwise is a Finnish family-owned company, which focuses not only on high-quality materials, but also on Finnish design expertise. Our design parquets and the Twise products, which have been designed by Harri Koskinen and other designers, have been awarded the Design from Finland symbol – an achievement of which we are particularly proud. We have always trusted that Finnish skills, expertise, and design will take us far. We have wanted to export our products but keep the production in Finland. Receiving the Key Flag Symbol was the highlight of our anniversary: Timberwise has believed in Finnish expertise for 20 years!

The starting event of our anniversary celebrations, held at the Timberwise Showroom in early April, was a great success, and the atmosphere was fantastic! We want to thank everyone who celebrated with us, there were so many of you that the event was truly a memorable one.

We will be celebrating and organising cheerful events all year long. The NexTwise design competition is now open until the end of May: we are looking for new creative ideas for the use of leftover parquet boards from furniture to home utility items. The public will have the chance to see the prototypes of the most interesting products of this competition at the Habitare fair held this September. We will also reveal the Twise product designed by NexTwise judge and designer Tapio Anttila at our stand at the fair. An online store will also be opened for these ecological design products so that everyone can buy an innovative and practical product made of upcycled parquet. See you at the Habitare fair!

1. Larch Natural 270 mm

Larch has been part of our selection since the very beginning when it was our most popular export product shipped to the Alps, Northern Italy, France, Austria, and Southern Germany. Therefore it felt self-evident to choose it as one of our anniversary products and also due to its growing popularity among consumers and professionals during the past years. However we still wanted to add something new and interesting into our larch selection, which is why we decided to include the 270 mm wide larch into this year’s portfolio. The wide larch board is an impressive and exceptionally beautiful product.

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2. Birch Natural 185 mm White wax oiled, sanded, and wax oiled

Timberwise Koivu Birch Natural 185 WEB (3)

As we are a Finnish company using Finnish birch plywood as the core of our product, we have every now and then been asked to also use birch as a surface material in our flooring. Therefore we decided to make a limited edition of this beautiful, timeless and traditional Finnish birch flooring as part of our anniversary product selection. Birch has not been available in floor selections for a long time, so we felt that now is the right time for its return. Our younger customers experience birch as a fresh and new flooring material, whereas the more mature generation sees it as the comeback of a classic flooring. We also wanted to pay our respect to this beautiful national tree of Finland. The interior design sector is actively looking for alternatives to oak floor due to availability and style reasons and we want to contribute by bringing a domestic new wood specie into our selection and look into the future.

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3. Oak Old Vintage 185 mm

As we respect wood we follow a “head-to-tail” philosophy and use all parts of it, including the knottiest parts and, if possible, even the cracked parts. This is why we have created the Old Vintage which is inspired by old traditional flooring having old wooden nails. We have used round wooden dowels to imitate wooden nails at the ends of the planks. Wooden dowels have traditionally been used to fill knot holes in softwood but this time we wanted to create an oak floor which combines the vintage grade with a modern twist and a rough, robust attitude. It’s hard not to fall in love with the rough texture of the Old Vintage! You can also mix Old Vintage boards with the traditional Vintage boards if you only want to have “wooden nails” in some parts of the floor.

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Photos from anniversary party for media and interior professionals



Photos and text: Timberwise, Ulla-Maija Lähteenmäki, Mikko Ryhänen & Susanna Vento

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