Design a new life for wooden floors!

What to do with leftover wooden floor boards after installation? To find an answer to this question and to seek new ideas for products, Timberwise organises the NexTwise design competition.

It is recommended to order enough wooden floor to avoid interruptions due to running out of material. But after the floor has been installed, you might be left with leftover wooden floor boards. What should you do with them? Keep them in storage for ages or throw them out? Timberwise believes that each leftover piece of our high-quality wooden floors is worth reusing. During the last couple of years, the company has come up with new ways to utilise the material left over from installation and production.

In 2017, designers Harri Koskinen and Ville Kokkonen developed the first Twise products. In their hands, the pieces of wooden floor boards were transformed into design chairs, stylish benches and stools. Wooden floors also found its way to wall surfaces.

– From autumn 2019, everyone who has ordered wooden floors from Timberwise can send their leftover wooden floors back to our factory and buy a Twise product made out of that material. The customer will receive an ecological design product which perfectly goes together with the wooden floors in their home. This way, the utilisation of wooden floor is maximised. People who don’t have leftover wooden floors can shop for products in the Twise online store, which will be opened soon”, says Laura Lankinen, Timberwise’s Brand Manager.

At the moment, we are expanding the Twise product family. We look for new ideas for the product range in our open NexTwise design competition starting this March.

There is room for creativity: the suggestion can be a small item, piece of furniture, or a utility item that is, in some way, connected with the wooden floor. Most importantly, the idea should have the right combination of functionality, beauty, and innovation.

– We are excited to see what creative people can come up with! Hopefully, we will see products that mix Scandinavian design, quality, and bold outside-the-box mentality. I believe that we will receive different kinds of suggestions since the Timberwise wooden floors, which has durable birch plywood inside, can be equally used as material for small items, furniture, and surfaces. The possibilities are endless!” says Laura Lankinen.

The NexTwise design competition is open until the end of May. The suggestions are then evaluated by four judges, designer Tapio Anttila, stylist Susanna Vento, and Brand Manager Laura Lankinen and Board member Jaakko Mäkitalo from Timberwise.

In September, the public has the chance to see the best ideas at the Habitare fair where Timberwise presents the prototypes for the products. One of the judges, Tapio Anttila, has also designed a Twise product which will be introduced at the Habitare fair.

– The use of existing materials demands a different approach to designing. It can be challenging in part but, above all, it is interesting. So far, this type of production has not been common in Finland. This is an interesting, ecological move from Timberwise”, says Tapio Anttila.


Official competition website

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION Laura Lankinen,, 0505169221




Text: Cozy Publishing

Photo: Mikko Ryhänen


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